How long does the delivery take?
After we have received your payment, your digital vector map will be delivered within 
24 hours (on working days). You will receive an email that contains a link to download your map.

Can I pay by invoice?
If you wish to pay by invoice, please send us an email with your order information and company address.

I need a map on short notice, is this possible?
If you have a rush order, please contact us. We will be able to tell you immediately if it will be possible to deliver your map at short notice.

Is the map up to date?
Yes, for all of our maps we use the most recent map information. City plans are never older than 6 months.

Custom Maps

I would like to buy a customized map. Is it possible to receive a sample first?
Of course this is possible. You will always receive a sample before we deliver the final map. We will edit the map until you are completely satisfied with the result.

How long does it take to produce/receive my customized map?
The exact delivery time will vary depending on the job. In general, it varies from two days to two weeks.

Digital Files

For which purposes can the digital files be used?
You are allowed to use the files for almost anything (e.g. websites, magazines, presentations). You are not allowed to resell or give away the digital files. It is also prohibited to use the files for posters, printed in large numbers (>25). For more detailed information, see the section “Copyright”.

I need a digital map of a larger area. Is that possible?
If you need a digital map comprising a larger area, you can contact us by email or telephone. We will probably have the map in our extensive digital archive. If this is not the case, we will do our utmost to customize this map for you.