Info and Examples

  • References

    Guest services Jane Cowgill
    180 Degree Paul Kollar

  • How to order/ About ordering

    You can select your image by following the instructions. "Your selected image" shows the area of your choice, available for purchase. The three smaller images on the right show a detailed sample image. After we have received your payment, your digital vector map will be delivered within 
24 hours (on working days). You will receive an email that contains a link to download your map.

  • Location

    Choose the city and/or country you need. For further navigation, you can also move, zoom and grab. Please note that data from Japan and China are not available.

  • Zoom

    There are 7 zoom levels.
    Level 1 shows an area the size of a small country, level 7 shows the area the size of a small village.
    Each zoom level is exactly 2 times as big/small as the next/previous.

  • Sizes & Prices

    Both the EPS and JPG files are available in two sizes: 25x25cm (€100) and 50x50cm (€150). Please contact us for other sizes. The listed sizes are not related to the ai / eps images. The smaller 25x25 cm size contain less information than the larger size 50x50cm in the same zoomlevel. The larger the image, the higher the zoomlevel, the more detail is shown.

  • Mapstyle

    We offer you four popular map styles.

    Da Gama: based on the current Google style.
    Columbus: used by most of our customers.
    Livingstone: a more decorative map style.
    Polo: a more basic feel, yet surprisingly detailed.

    You will get a preview of each style in the ordering section.

  • Your chosen area

    Shows the area that is selected by you and will give you an exact impression of the vector map you will receive. The detail level depends on the size (there are two possible sizes) you choose.

  • The cropped image

    Size determines the price and the level of detail. The cropped detail image shows the centre and detail of the selected area in the window of your chosen area.

  • Extensions JPEG and AI / EPS

    All files are supplied as JPEG and AI / EPS. 
The JPEG images are single layered raster files. Low altering is possible in graphic programs.The AI / EPS files are constructed from hundreds of objects, then layered. High altering is possible in e.g. Adobe Illustrator. Please also see “Samples”.

  • Detail Level

    The detail level varies by region. What you see is what you get. Please note that the detail level is indicated in the small image named True sample detail. The big picture only shows the area.

  • Preview VS Actual image

    This preview gives you a very accurate impression of what to expect when ordering. The area will match exactly, but some objects may differ in colour and shape. In almost any case, the image supplied by us is more detailed in terms of information.
    Lastly, these 4 elements are not included in the final image.
    - 3D Objects
    - House numbers
    - Road direction
    - Terrain data